dr. sc. Sonja Cindori

dr. sc. Sonja CindoriPhD professor Sonja Cindori is an honorary member of the ICCrA Institute and an expert in Anti Money Laundering (AML). Among other scientific and related achievements in the field of financial law and financial science, has made astonishing scientific career as an associate professor at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb.

Before her scientific career, experience and knowledge in the field of AML, she obtained over the years working at the Ministry of Finance - Office for the Prevention of Money Laundering, as head of the Department for Prevention and before that at the Central Office of Tax Administration. She is a distinguish member of the Academy of Croatian Legal Sciences, Institute ATINER - Athens Institute for Education and Research, and UdEkoM Balkans Serbia.

Within her academic career she has published more than 50 scientific papers, participated in about 40 scientific conferences, and on the area of prevention of money laundering has published a monography Cindori, S. (2010), Money Laundering Prevention System, Faculty of Law, Zagreb and university textbook Cindori at all (2019), Money Laundering System: New Global Security Threats (co-author and editor), Libertin, Zagreb. In the period of year 2015-2018, she conducted a project of the Croatian Science Foundation entitled "Legal and Economic Analysis of Money Laundering Prevention and Financing of Terrorism" UIP-2014-09-5933.

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