RABEKRegional Association for Security and crisis management is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit professional association founded for an indefinite period of time to achieve the objectives in the field of security and crisis management.


ACFESlovenian Chapter of Certified Fraud Examiners - ACFE Slovenia is a regional subsidiary of the International organization of Certified Fraud Investigators - ACFE. ACFE Slovenia cooperates with organizations and institutions dealing with fraud prevention, professionally or scientifically, exchanges experiences and opinions in the field of fraud prevention and economic crime, as well as organizes professional training and counselling. We connect ACFE members, Certified Fraud Investigators (CFEs) and other interested parties who want to act in the field of fraud prevention and investigation and economic crime. 


Association of Certified Fraud Investigators Serbia (ACFE Serbia) is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit association founded in January 2019 with the sole purpose of serving the community by promoting the fight against fraud and corruption, above all through more effective detection, and prevention of fraud and corruption. In addition, the Association is also engaged in spreading knowledge and awareness in the field of prevention fraud and corruption, both among professionals, public officials and the general public. Association, with regarding to education, enables ACFE members to obtain CPE for renewal of CFE certification. Since its founding, the Association has independently and in of cooperation with other partners organized a dozen seminars, conferences and events promoting these values, which have been dedicated to topics such as: developing a program for fraud risk management and effective monitoring, ISO standard against corruption; various forms of cybercrime and online security, cryptocurrencies in the context of compliance with international standards for combating money laundering, a typology of money laundering - risks and threats of money laundering in areas of particular risk to Serbia, artificial intelligence and machine learning that will enhance fraud detection capabilities, new challenges and effective investigations by both prosecution and business entities, the role of forensics in corporate investigations and ways of conducting corporate investigations, and the role of whistleblowers in fraud detection.