ICCrA aims to familiarize the public with Compliance as a practice that has been used for a long time in as a self-contained self-help mechanism in strengthening legal certainty in general and in the sector of the economy, which has the effect of attracting foreign investors and investors operating in other markets, which imposes the need for a unified legislative action framework for all economic subjects.

As one of the de lege ferenda solution, it stands for certain legislative changes, similar to the example of § 130 OWiG (Gesetz gegen Ordnungswidrigkeiten) of the Republic of Germany, for which the companies, depending on the size and needs of the number of employees, would be obliged to establish compliance programs and CO’s as persons authorized for its implementation.

„As one of the great accomplishments achieved by the ICCrA Institute through its public work, advocacy and writing on the importance of implementation of the Comopliance politics and Compliance Officers (CO) in the economy, as well as the need for implementation of the CO in state-owned companies, has been recognized by POSI (Commission for Decision Making conflict of interest).

The result is implemented as paragraph 27. in New Draft Action plan for 2019 and 2020., which is a component of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy for the period 2015-2020., which is Statute accordance with the work of the ICCrA Institute is established.

Paragraph 27. articulates the drafting of a Recommendation on the need for Appointment of Compliance Officers in State-owned Companies with the role of monitoring the applicable legislation, as well as valid regulations governing the area of combating corruption and conflicts of interest, and ensuring compliance with internal acts and the business of the state-owned companies.“

The Recommendation was made and sent to the Government of the Republic of Croatia.